At Machingo, we have taken a vow to spread love in this forsaken world; we have taken a vow of bringing love and laughter back into this world, by wearing something similar.


For a daughter to follow the footsteps of her mother we have ‘Just like Mom’.

From being friends to best-friends, a father-son relation has it all and for that we have ‘Just like Dad’.

To share the love that only a family shares, for The Family which we all know is above everything, we have ‘Just like Us’.

From teenage love, to a loving relation of many years, for those cute and loving couples who never let us break our belief in love, we have ‘Him and Her’.

A sister is the ‘Wonder Woman’ of her brother’s life and A Brother is the only ‘Superman’ a sister seeks, the only supporter when you cry, laugh or in any mischief, a bond of sibling is something which others can’t replicate, for such super heroes we have ‘Super Siblings’.


  • We vow to spread love, in this cruel world.
  • We vow to completely concentrate on our customer’s requirements.
  • We vow to never compromise on our quality.
  • We vow to deliver the best products to our customers.
  • We vow to help our customers in finding a way to display their affection and love by wearing something similar.
  • We vow to always help our customers, spread love in a creative way, by giving them immense number of choices to buy from.